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AMF Mission: AMF Christian Videos, Ltd. exists as a retailer of Christian materials to help promote the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ via the Internet, and to assist in supporting the work of missionaries throughout the world.

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We declare that no information volunteered to us will be divulged to ANY third party, and that all information will be used solely for our own customer service purposes. As a customer of ours, you will find that we are secure, reliable, and discreet. We do not distribute our customer's email addresses to anyone. You will never receive spam, junk email or any other unsolicited advertising from anyone who was given your email address from us.

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AMF Customer Service: What separates AMF from the crowd is our top-notch customer service. If you are looking for a TD Jakes or Pete Maravich product and cannot find it in our database, please contact our customer service department. If we do not have it, we will help you find it, even if it means sending you to one of our competitors! We are continually updating and adding to our product selection, so please check back with us often.


John Bevere's Bait of Satan
John Bevere's
Bait of Satan
Audio Book $25.99
Paperback Book $13.99
More from John Bevere

No More Sheets DVD by Juanita Bynum
No More Sheets - DVD
Juanita Bynum Ministries

Spiritual Warfare by Bishop George Bloomer
Spiritual Warfare
- Book
George Bloomer Paperback
Only $13.99 at AMF!

Or Mail-In Check or Money Order

In Memory of Virginia Lou Whitney
In Loving Memory of
Virginia Lou Whitney

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